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10 Reasons to Stay in a Short-term Rental in Lansing, Michigan

In an ever-changing real estate and vacation market, the need has been greater than ever for short-term rentals. Here in Lansing, Michigan, it is no different. In fact, Lansing is in a unique position, both in terms of economic and political positioning, to allow property owners to convert their houses into short-term rental properties.

There is much opportunity here. On the tourism front, more people are choosing to stay in a vacation rental they find through services like VRBO and Airbnb, among others. It’s a growing trend that’s not going away, and with good reason.

Here are the reasons why many people coming to Lansing are staying in short-term rentals.

#10. A wide variety of fantastic accommodation.

With the rise of hosts signing up to list their properties on services such as VRBO and Airbnb, a tremendous increase in temporary living options has given visitors much to choose from. No matter your situation, whether you’re solo, a couple, or a family on vacation, a temporary worker, or relocating, there is short-term rental accommodation that will suit your needs.

#9. Hotels aren’t always that great.

Staying in a hotel seems to be a mixed bag for a lot of people; hotel services have changed in a lot of ways during the pandemic (some not in a good way). Nightly rates can be expensive, not to mention being often noisy and crowded. While the higher-end hotels do offer room service, an expensive meal only gets more so when you factor in all of the add-on charges associated with it.

#8. Often many more amenities than hotels.

A short-term rental is more of a home away from home, where you have access to a living room, kitchen, and laundry room. Fully equipped kitchens allow you to cook your own meals, eliminating the need to constantly eat at restaurants. The downside to this, of course, is that you’ll need to wash your own dishes and make your own beds! But saving money on food is a big deal for the average traveler who wants to cut costs.

#7. There’s more room to spread out.

Home and apartment rentals generally offer more room than a cramped hotel room. For a family of four, this can be a big deal. Family members have the luxury of more privacy with separate bedrooms and bath facilities, making for a more comfortable stay.

#6. You can (sometimes) save money.

In addition to saving money on food, nightly rates for short-term rentals are typically less expensive. This is true even when adding on cleaning and service fees. However, it does depend on the type of accommodation as well as the area of the short-term rental. For a group who requires a house, it is obviously a higher nightly rate than a lowly hotel room.

#5. Hosts can be wonderful.

Property owners who offer short-term rentals have taken it upon themselves to welcome visitors with open arms. While this is not a requirement, many hosts will offer services above and beyond just a comfortable place to lay your head at night. A good host can be an excellent resource for learning about the local culture. You ordinarily won't end up becoming friends with a hotel manager.

#4. You will often get personalized service; a concierge, if you will.

When you stay in a short-term rental such as an Airbnb, you can ‘live like a local and get a better sense of what it’s like to live in a particular neighborhood. Often times the host is more than happy to give you an insider’s view of the best places to go.

#3. It allows people moving into the area to find temporary housing until they get settled.

Those who relocate to Lansing (and other cities) for work often need a place to live temporarily until they can find more permanent housing. A furnished short-term rental works perfectly for this as it gives the worker and their family a comfortable place to stay until they can purchase a house or rent the best apartment for their needs.

#2. It allows traveling nurses great housing options while they are here temporarily.

These nurse rentals are advantageous not only to the nurses themselves but to the community served by those nurses. Companies like Airbnb stepped up to the plate during the pandemic when nurses were in short supply and traveling nurses became commonplace. They encouraged hosts to offer nurses special rates as incentives for staying in a particular area where they were most needed.

#1. It increases corporate housing.

For those who are being relocated for work and for corporate personnel who need temporary living spaces in Lansing, the Gilson Property Group has a wide range of attractive options. High-speed internet, parking, and washer/dryers are just the tip of the iceberg of amenities. Luxury amenities such as on-site fitness facilities and pet-friendly units are also a big draw.

With an increasing demand for short-term rentals that offer all the comforts of home, Lansing is a great place to find exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a variety of rentals in the Lansing area, check out our website for more details.

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