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5 Awesome Benefits of Renting with Turo Through Gilson Property Group

Sharing is the name of the game these days, so why stop at houses when you can share cars too!? Our efficient booking and rental process set us apart from the rest, and our vehicles are super clean with a user-friendly experience that skips the headaches and lines of traditional rental car companies. Whether you are looking to share a car just down the street or you are landing from the other side of the country, give Turo through Gilson Property Group a try! You don’t need your own insurance and are covered 24/7 in case of emergencies. The approval process is quick. Simply be 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license and in most cases, you will be approved immediately. You and your guests will love how flexible car sharing can be. Read on to learn about five more awesome things we’d love for you to know about Turo car sharing through Gilson Property Group.

Fast, Easy, and Secure

Worried about the hassle of sharing a car through Turo? Don’t be, it’s simple! Download the Turo app on your mobile device. Then, research your destination, choose your perfect car from our selection, and book your ride from your phone. Once booked, you can message us directly through the app to ask any questions. Your car will be delivered to a pre-arranged location you choose in the app. Once you arrive there, simply snap a photo of yourself holding your identification next to the vehicle and take off. For maximum flexibility, you are able to cancel up to 24-hrs in advance of your trip.

Excellent Extras

We always try to go the extra mile for our renters. From offering add-on Navigation systems to mini-refrigerators, our rides will come fully equipped. If you require any extras within your vehicle – just ask! We will try our best to accommodate your requests.

Unique Makes and Models

The other guys don’t offer MINI’s, but we do! Looking for extra legroom or space for a large family? Our full-size SUV will meet your needs. Gilson Property Group prides itself on specialized service and high-quality rentals which is why we focus on exclusive vehicle types. Whether you prefer electric or luxury, our car-sharing line-up is sure to please.

Personalized Customer Service

Skip the long lines and frustration at the rental car counter, we’re here for you 24/7. Once you book your reservation with Gilson Property Group, you will be treated like family. We are just one message away on your smartphone. From local sightseeing questions to help with finding the trunk release – we are here to help!

Money Well Spent

Our private Turo listings might be a new concept compared to renting from national car rental chains, but it is so worth it. With rental car shortages and prices skyrocketing, nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars per day for basic sedans and poor service. You will have an affordable, convenient, customer-centered, unique experience when renting through Turo with Gilson Property Group.

The Airbnb of Cars in Lansing, MI, and Denver, CO

Turo is a fantastic alternative to waiting in line at the rental car company counter. Gilson Property Group specializes in short-term home and car rentals with a focus on 5-star customer service. If you are interested in booking a stay or car with us, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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