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What You Need To Know About Corporate Housing In Lansing, MI

Corporate housing refers to the homes one inhabits while on extended stays in other cities. Generally, corporate housing is used by traveling nurses and doctors, military personnel, and corporate workers working on temporary projects.

Short-term rentals are a godsend for people who cannot afford to stay in hotels for long periods or don’t like the businesslike vibe of hotels. Most people who pass through Lansing, Michigan, for short-term projects want something that allows them to be comfortable and gives them the feeling of a home away from home.

So, what are the things you need to look out for when looking for temporary housing in Lansing, Michigan?

Things You Should Look For In Your Corporate Housing Unit In Lansing, MI

Most people want an affordable temporary living situation that makes them want to look forward to coming home.

Traveling nurses and military personnel often use short-term rentals while on their assignments, and these demanding jobs require them to be well-rested and reenergized when they turn in to work the next day. The only way to achieve that is by getting a vacation rental with all the amenities one can need to have an enjoyable stay.

So, what are the things one should look for in a vacation rental in Lansing, Michigan?

Free Parking

It’s so hard to find parking in crowded cities, and it’s even worse when all the parking spots are the paid ones. How much money can you spend on the parking meter when you live day and night in one place?

The best corporate housing in Lansing is the one that has free parking on the premises. This is a massive advantage because it saves you from spending money and time on paid parking spots.

It’s often hard to find temporary housing listings that also offer free parking on the property. However, some Lansing, MI listings, such as this by Gilson Property Group, offer this perk.


Traveling on your own all the time and relocating from one city to another can get very lonely. However, pets make the job much easier because you can take them anywhere with you, and they’ll be waiting for you when you return home at the end of a tiring workday.

So, it’s unthinkable for most people to book corporate housing that doesn’t allow pets. It’s essential to book a furnished rental in Lansing, MI, that is also pet-friendly so that you can have your furry friends close by at all times.

Close To Major Attractions And Roads

If you’ve just come to a new city, you don’t want to get a furnished rental miles away from everything. You’ll often get lost, waste time, and struggle a lot if you don’t get temporary housing close to all the major attractions and roads of the city.

This short-term rental in Lansing, MI, is close to Michigan Orthopedic Centre, S. Washington Avenue, Spartan Stadium, Breslin Centre, and Michigan State University.

Excellent Service

Imagine booking a stay in a corporate housing unit, but the hosts are unresponsive when you need them, don’t offer the full range of amenities listed, and aren’t helpful when you’re in a new city.

Excellent service is the cornerstone of businesses like the Gilson Property Group because the satisfaction of their guests is their priority.

Whether it is the middle of the day or early in the morning, their guests can count on the hosts to accommodate their needs as soon as possible.

Necessary Furniture

Travel nurses need to book their stay in a nurse rental that’s fully furnished and comes with all the amenities one can need to have a relaxed stay.

If you’re looking for a furnished rental in Lansing, Michigan, make sure you get one that has all the supplies you need. Some of the necessary supplies for temporary housing are coffee makers, TVs, dishwashers, EV chargers, high-speed WiFi, and microwave oven. Luckily, this listing in Lansing by Gilson Property Group has all these things and more!


Most people travel alone for corporate and travel nursing assignments. They’re also new to the city, so they must get the security they need to have a safe stay. Make sure any short-term rental you book for your stay has security cameras, a smart lock with a new combination for every guest, and is located in a law-abiding part of town.

The listings by Gilson Property Group are close to important places, such as the Michigan State University (MSU), so it’s sure to be a great place to stay for students at the university looking for temporary housing in a secure area.

Game Room

Most people relocate for work and book short-term rentals. However, you can’t just let work consume your life. It’s essential for travel nurses and corporate workers alike to take some time to relax after tiring work weeks, and that’s when one feels the need for a game room. This listing from Gilson Property Group comes with a fully equipped game room so you can invite your new work friends or your buddies from MSU over and have the time of your life on the weekends!


Lansing, MI, is a scenic city with a vibrant culture that newcomers will love to explore while they stay here. However, for a comfortable stay, it’s essential to book your stay in a place that is well-equipped, secure, and within a short distance of all the important Lansing landmarks.

Luckily, Gilson Property Group has multiple properties that fit the bill with a team that goes above and beyond for the satisfaction of their guests. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us via social sites or on our website to reserve your stay at one of our properties today!

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