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Why Vacation Homes are a Better Value than Hotels in Lansing, MI

The vacation rental market has skyrocketed over the past decade or so. Companies such as VRBO and Airbnb have made booking a vacation home commonplace, and this trend is not going away, particularly in Lansing, Michigan.

Now that travel is back on the rise, interest in a more authentic, home-like experience apart from sterile hotels is in high demand. Vacationers are also booking longer trips, spending more of their hard-earned cash, and traveling further to find the perfect destination for their families. If you’re wondering whether staying in a vacation home is worth the hype, the answer is YES. We’ll tell you why.

Why It’s a Smart Choice to Book a Vacation Rental in Lansing

In Lansing, the inventory of vacation homes is steadily increasing to help meet demand. When people book a hotel room, oftentimes, they can’t choose the location of the room or receive all the amenities they require.

With vacation rentals, guests can plan their perfect getaway by selecting a home that suits their unique needs in a location that is convenient for them. For those that don’t mind sharing outdoor amenities or prefer high-rises, a rental condo may suit them. If you want a space entirely to yourselves, rent a full-size residential home.

People can seek out vacation homes that are close to the attractions they most want to see or the people they are visiting. No more driving for miles on end from that impersonal hotel!

More Privacy + Saving Money = Win-Win

Ever shared a hotel bathroom with two or three other people? It can get pretty cramped, right? Or perhaps not being able to relax at the pool because dozens of other people were fighting for space? If this sounds familiar, you know how much you value your privacy.

With a vacation home, you can take your privacy back while on vacation. Guests have the option to share pools, hot tubs, and laundry facilities, but only with their travel companions. Renting the right vacation home will provide you with a private bed and bath if you need it, just for yourself.

Vacation homes are perfect for families who can tuck their children into their own bedrooms, then retire to the parent’s room, or watch movies in the TV room for the ultimate relaxation and not worry about disturbing the kids. And these vacation homes are not as expensive as you might think, especially in the Lansing area. Often times they can be less expensive than getting two or three hotel rooms that offer the same privacy and many fewer amenities.

Save Money While Living Like a Local

A vacation rental home provides the comforts and luxury of home because they ARE a home. By contrast, hotels are run by major corporations with many staff. As a result, hotels have to charge you for nearly everything. Most vacation homes already come stocked with all you need at no additional cost.

You have a full kitchen with all of the cookware, dishware, and appliances. Guests may also find thoughtful touches such as board games, a movie selection, and books ready to indulge in. Guests also have the option of bringing their own entertainment and are able to enjoy all of this at no extra charge.

Guests can do their laundry in-house without having to plug quarters into a machine, or leaving garments with the hotel staff to do the dry cleaning. Some homes even have private hot tubs, and while hotels often have this amenity, you never know who you’ll have to share the hot tub with!

In short, vacationers feel much more at home in a vacation rental. Hosts may even offer to suggest attractions and restaurants in the area that are true gems and not in any guidebook. This makes guests feel as though they are “living like a local.”

Enjoy Added Security

With hotels, staff usually come into your room daily to clean and restock supplies. If you have valuables with you, keeping them in the room can be a risky endeavor, even with an in-room safe. This isn’t the case with a vacation home.

During your stay, you and your party are the only ones who will be in the property, unless you specifically call on someone to assist with maintenance. Hotels cannot compete with the added security a vacation home can provide.

Keyless entry provides yet another level of security, where random strangers cannot enter without permission – only guests have the passcode. In addition, guests can park on site and not have to worry about parking across a crowded lot or paying for expensive valets.

Spend Less and Eat Healthier

One of the biggest advantages to a vacation home over a hotel is the fully-equipped and stocked kitchens! While it’s true that some hotels have suites with kitchenettes, they tend to be small and lack additional dining space. With vacation homes, you have a full-size kitchen with a dedicated eating area.

Most hotels are set up to force travelers to eat out, and this can get very expensive, particularly with an average family of four. At a vacation home, you save money by preparing most (or all) of your meals in the home, where you completely control the menu. This not only allows you to eat healthier, but cheaper.

Of course, part of the fun of a vacation is trying new restaurants. But at least you will save quite a few dollars by planning some meals in the vacation rental. This also gives you a reason to visit the local farmers’ market to purchase some fresh produce, which is always a nice adventure in itself.

The Bottom Line

The savings gained by staying in a vacation home allows guests to do other things in Lansing that they may not have been able to do in an impersonal hotel. This coupled with the “living like a local” aspect and all the amenities enjoyed in a full-size home just make this option the better choice all around. Check out our available rentals at

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